Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm So Proud of My Seeeestas

Not only is my sister-sister a full time sister, AND sister, a black & white grandma, and a lot of fun, she is very creative to boot! I just had to share a photo she sent to me today showing off a vibrant quilt she made for her granddaughter in Kearney - just today! Now what little girl wouldn't love those colors? Not to mention that Carole got the day off from her duties to do a little creating as we three (related) sistas love to do, gotta be thankful for that. What a happy face she carries on her. Gotta love the SCACOSB!

Now I have to brag on another sister, who is creative, intelligent, too young to be retired to Florida, and an integral part of my support system....... Donna, The Kool-Aid Fuhrer of Butler County! Here is a sampling of some 3-D envelopes she is developing for my knitted greeting cards that only she could have figured out.

Are my seestas the best in the world OR WHAT???


Donna said...

That quilt is fabulous! She made it in a day??!! And "Fuhrer"??? Don't you think that's just a LITTLE strong?? Sheesh! (Thanks for the compliments.)

Karen said...

No, I think Fuhrer fits. LOL Would you rather be Kool-Aid Queen of the Tri-State Area?