Thursday, January 17, 2008


After the actual physical work done today at the shop, I feel every one of the years in my body right now. And I think back on times when we didn't have the automation we have now, and I would work like this quite often and it never bothered me one bit. In fact, I loved it! If it weren't for a willing daughter to come and help us all out today, I think I'd be in much worse shape. She was an angel to agree so quickly to come help. Hunter, who is pushing 5 years old, came to the shop with his mom and helped keep all our spirits high - giggles, teasing the shop dog, giving Craig a hard time (Craig eats that up and gives it right back to Hunter), and he was amazingly well behaved for having to be in a boring place for so long! I don't think there is another kid on the planet that would have handled it so well. So even though my feet, knees and back are screaming, the rest of me is so grateful for a staff who kicked it up a notch and especially for a daughter who filled a need in almost a moment's notice.


Season said...

Wow, Mom, seriously! I am feeling so old! You would think that just standing and putting things together wouldn't take such a toll! But man am I hurting! Hee hee! I had such a great time! It felt good to be there around you all day. Thank you for the opportunity! Don't hesitate to call me anytime you need a hand! Love ya!

Marsha said...

So, you did get just exactly what you needed!! Not, the automation, but the perfect daughter that was willing to help!! [wink]