Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Prayers Please

Please keep Bill in your prayers. As many of you know, there is no more fixing the one eye and it's basically been a goner for the past eight years. After so much celebration 4 years ago at the 'good' eye being a surgical success, we are back to square one - cloudy vision in the repaired eye. I am hauling him back to the doctor this morning in hopes that what little sight he still has can be repaired, medicated, whatever. As anyone can imagine, he is so very frustrated, anxious and just plain ticked off - so he hasn't been in to work this week. He can't see what he's trying to sell and is having to ask everyone what things say and having me make decisions he wants and needs to do on quality. And obviously, he's not driving. I am the designated driver when he does need to go places.

This all still stems from RA, Uveitis/Iritis, and a botched vitrectomy on one eye at Mayo.

Wishing I didn't have to post such news, but he needs prayers and lots of them. We all need him to be functional in his job as it reflects everywhere else in his life.

Knitting notes:
1) Australia has gotten the proto-type I sent and it works for their size needs. Next will be decisions on the colors she wants to offer her customers.
2) Received the contract yesterday to have one of my bag patterns published in an upcoming pattern book about cables. Once I sign on the dotted line, they will get materials to me (horray I don't have to buy them). Still not going to tell you who it is tho. I'm going to keep that top secret till the book comes out, maybe. :)
So if any of you want some of my Etsy items, you better get them now before I get famous! ROFLMAO!!!!!!


Robin said...


Hope all goes well, my thoughts are with you!

Michele said...

Best wishes to Uncle Bill for a speedy recovery.

jennsquared said...

I will keep you in my thoughts.

Good news on the pattern deal. I'll have to seriously sit down and see what's in your store and get my hands onto some of those! and then I can say - I know someone who is famous!! WOOHOO! :) Congrats! :)

Marsha said...

Prayers are going your way for sure. Hope all goes well and Bill will get back to being who he is!!