Saturday, June 07, 2008


TGIS? Yep, thank goodness it's Saturday. NO work today, NO thinking today, just a day for hopefully some fun and relaxation.

Still waiting to hear from Australia in picking some colors I've presented. Thought I'd stick a photo in of what colors I have done. Just anxious to hear if they like any of 'em. :)

The pattern deal for the book publication is working out a bit sweeter than I'd ever hoped for as they are going to provide me with some VERY cool yarn I've never afforded before and they've allowed me to select a lining. And to be honest, that was the hardest part because the store they linked me to for selection had WAY too many pretty fabrics to offer. I must have spent over an hour looking through all the fabric. I could only narrow it down to about four and asked them to pick from those. Whew!

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Season said...

I can't wait to see the "demo"! Will you be able to post pics of it before sending it off? Didn't know if that was against your contract! Hee hee - I said CONTRACT! I'm so proud of you!

Love ya!