Friday, June 20, 2008

New Knitted Items

It's been a fairly productive week for me and Etsy since DH has been down with a serious cold. Total listed this week for sale is FIVE!!! I can't believe it! My sewing machine is getting cleared off slowly but surely of knitted pieces needing finishing. Think I'm down to two items and one about an inch from being off the needles and onto the sewing table.

So since the poor hub will probably be down with this cold all weekend, here's what I'd love to accomplish since I'll be on my own:

1. FARMER'S MARKET!!! YES!!!! I need to get down there and meet some local artisans I've met the past couple of weeks on the internet through the Lincoln Handmade Team.

2. Get a washcloth or two done for an employee who is moving into Lincoln as a house warming gift.

3. Finish the two items on sewing table and list in the store.

4. Find a good outlet for 7" zippers for new idea to put in the store. Any ideas for where I could find zippers at wholesale?

5. Actually do a proto-type (if not the real deal) for new idea. OK, that means I'll have to purchase at least one zipper at retail.

6. AND NOT CLEAN!!!!!! (I think that's the best one yet) giggle

Have a SUPER weekend, y'all!


Christy said...

I'm heading out to the farmer's market tomorrow, too!

Kris said...

I recommend Zipperstop - I've ordered custom length zippers to match sweaters, and they also offer bulk discounts. Just turn off your sound before you click!

Marsha said...

Go Girl!! Get lots of stuff done!!