Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wanted to share a couple cutie patootie photos with you. This first one Raegan took of herself with my cell phone and this one actually worked, so had to download it. This was in the morning while we were fishing and of course, she was bored. Nice gum, kiddo. LOL

Second photo is of the girls swimming together - and had a WONDERFUL time together! Yep, this time I took the pic by myself on the cell phone. They aren't the best quality, but it still shows a lot of fun being had.
Side Note: The man in brown brought me the 2nd of the three parts coming to complete my 'project' for future publication. And OOOOOOOOOOOOO, was this the BEST package so far.


Robin said...

Cute girls!! And the pool looks so refreshing...

Marsha said...

A bit of silliness every once in a while is a GOOD thing! Just wish I could remember how to be silly myself...LOL