Monday, June 09, 2008

Eye Problem Update

I could tell many of you were praying for Bill and his eye issues. Before visiting the doctor we had to have that serious conversation I'm sure many have had about all the "WHAT IF's" and the way we would handle them if they were negative. The doctor even remembered Bill after all this time as he was rather a rare specimen of eye issues before. After a regular type exam, well, regular for Bill's issues, it came out that meds was going to be the answer this time around. No surgeries, no shots or yags yet. We were elated to say the least! Within 12 hours of starting meds he was already getting a small bit of sight back. How about that!!! He actually went and played 9 holes of golf Saturday which he hasn't done in who knows how many years. Even though he didn't golf his best (duh) one of the gals on his foursome had never even been on a golf course before! But this was a very relaxed birthday bash tourney with a BBQ to follow (which I went to). He had a great time and after all this eye scare business, he certainly deserved a little fun.


Donna said...

Thank God and Amen!

Marsha said...

Well thank heavens!! Glad everything went well. Wahoo!1

Doris said...