Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Plain "Smile Worthy" Thought

Upon driving to work this morning, I tuned the radio to K-Love off the east coast. Jon and Sherry Rivers do a great morning show and they were talking about "Life of Faith" dolls, giving the product a super plug. It got me to remembering back in the early 80's when the kids were but wee things, and I'd designed soft sculpture dolls that we named "Prayer Pals". Having no way to market them, let alone the dollars to pattent them, they went to the wayside and eventually sold at a garage sale to pay the rent. It did my heart such good this morning to hear there is a doll out there, on the market, that encourages kids to take time and pray. Something I have removed myself from in the past few months. What a wonderful reminder that this is such a basic thing to keep in our lives.

Talk about a 'headbang' moment. But what a part of my life to remember, and the smiles it still is putting on my face this morning.

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