Friday, August 03, 2007

Empty Nesters Again

An update on the household: We are for the moment true empty nesters again, except for Jack and Winnie. And by cracky, they count for something! We have more than enough animals in the house to keep us company. Did you know we have two parakeets now named Sky and Blade? Our 3 turtles remain unnamed and the PacMan frog croaked, so that leaves the 2 lizards, Soapy and Luv, and a few fish in a tank. And of course there's Bill. :) HA!!

County Fair this weekend and it will make a great time to connect with one another again, for free even.

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Donna said...

Yet another adjustment in a long line of them, right? You just get used to having them and then they leave. Is that more time now for crafting?