Thursday, August 30, 2007

New 12-Week Commitment

I started a 12-week journey in a new study by Beth Moore last night. If any of you have done one of her workbooks, you know that there is work involved, and lots of it. There are 36 in our group, which has its pros and cons. Too many in the group doesn't lead to much discussion time, but it's good to see that many want to do this study and work. As is typical with this author, the group will dwindle as time goes on because it is time consuming. But I absolutely love all the digging and probing and finding things out for myself that Beth Moore encourages. Hard to fit discussion and an hour video in an hour and fifteen minutes. :) Anyway, if any of you who love to dig and discover, find a group in town doing one of these studies and join in. Beth Moore is a fantastic author and speaker. (check out the Living Proof Ministries link to the left)

p.s. And me being a glutton for punishment signed up for another Beth Moore journey across town starting in September. But that one I get to do with my daughter. How cool is that!

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