Sunday, August 05, 2007

Welcome to the 'Zant Zoo

After getting ready to actually go beat the 100 degree weather and visit the county fair, we decided to take some pix of our zoo. The only thing missing is the tank with 3 unnamed turtles, which we forgot about. So here is your tour folks. Enjoy. (And don't laugh too hard)
Age comes first, so here are Jack & Winnie saying goodbye to us as we are leaving for the county fair. Didn't know how long we'd be and with their age, poor pups have to be in their kennel, right by the A/C.
This frog doesn't have a name, he's just the weirdest thing ever. Looks actually like a big pile of you know what. Here he is trying to balance between the water and the rock parts of his tank.

Next is the White Striped Gecko that Bill adopted. The pet store
didn't think they could sell him because he dropped his tail. As you can see, he is becoming well adjusted and growing a tail back.

Here is Bill with his pride and joy, Soapy. Soapy is a Blue-Tongued Australian Skink. This critter has grown so much in the last three months, I should have recorded it better.
Soapy (Raegan named this one)
As we go up the stairs and into the naturally lit world, we come to the two parakeets, Blade and Sky. These are absolutely beautiful birds and I love 'em. Sky is the blue one (duh) and the noisiest of the two. We sit and make fun of them talking to each other because they sound like an old married couple.
Next we wander outside to the back yard and find the pond full of koi, none of which are named. This photo doesn't do them justice as there are some rather large ones in there, but we couldn't lure them out with food for this shot, just the littler ones.

We only had one water lily out showing off today.

And of course, what's better than a nap on the bank, or anywhere for that matter on a Sunday afternoon.

There you have it, the 'Zant Zoo.


Donna said...

I love all of your menagerie. Had no idea you'd collected so many "pets".

Missionary Benedictine Sisters said...

Me either, but can't wait to meet them. I want to have a picture of your water lily, Karen, and I can't get it off your blog. It is really beautiful.

Missionary Benedictine Sisters said...

Never mind, I got it now. How lovely!