Thursday, August 16, 2007

Silly Dishcloth #4

Here is #4. Just couldn't wait for the August mid-month pattern to come out today, so just HAD to start one last night. This was from April, diamonds ya know. :) Got the first clue (9 rows) done on the one released today. I have to say, it's looking fancy already!

Going to start actually attending (in person) the Lincoln Knitting Guild, and not just watching everything go by on the internet. Meeting is Saturday at noon and I will even get to learn something new, a technique I've read about, but never knew how to even attempt it. So no pressure here, huh? New group, new people, new technique, all by myself.......... hmmmmmmmmm. Gotta live up to my motto I guess. Try something new every day (if possible).

And I've taken the plunge on a 15 year goal, Lord willing I live that long to finish it. After showing my sister the pattern this week, and just getting the right amount of encouragement AND a price for materials I could NOT pass up, I am now committed to it. I will share once everything arrives and a good start has been made. Just know for me, this is huge. Not just a square dishcloth. More to come on this topic hopefully in September.

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Donna said...

It's a great dishcloth! And I'm glad I could be of assistance in your decision process. Love ya!