Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our Anniversary

Well, to start off with it's hard to believe we've been married longer than I've been alive - I'm only 29! Right?!? :) Anyway, this is the most gorgeous cake Season brought over this afternoon along with great photos framed of her and their kids - couldn't be better than that.
It was great fun seeing the kids and letting them meet Sky and Blade for the first time. Abby wasn't afraid one bit - Hunter was a little on the cautious side and that's okay.
Bill got a couple of shots of the kids playing with hats while Season and I had a good tug of war playing Guitar Hero.

A lot of fun had by all - thank you so very very much.

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Missionary Benedictine Sisters said...

Yah, me too, Karen. Was married longer than I've been alive. That's a good one.

Beautiful cake, cute kids, and who is that that Soapy is holding?