Monday, August 27, 2007

I just HAVE to blog....

Here is our oldest granddaughter, Abby, starting off her fall season of soccer with the Bengals (same as spring time). They won, and by such a high margin, I can't even remember! They did so good and have such a neat little team. She really enjoys this - and it's fun watching her play.
And low and behold, Tyler's old roommate Brian (some of you will remember him as the cow on Halloween) stopped over with their new baby Saturday. Here is Brian and Carter, who is two months old. He is such a proud papa - of course we offered to babysit when they need. Talk about a baby that is ALL boy!
Here sits the rest of my knitted dishcloths. Three are done, one needs ends woven in. Carole, I hope you can use these!!!!!

Decided to order the color I tried subbing in the Icelandic Shawl as they had been out when I originally ordered. The blue in the picture of yarn I posted earlier just bothered me. They e-mailed me this weekend saying the medium gray was available now, so I'm on hold till that comes in. Which is fine.

I need to think of something to knit in red, for the women's heart disease awareness. Any ideas on something that would be simple and I could give away?

The weekend was terrific. Along with babies and soccer, we did go to the State Fair and had a riot!!!!! We enjoyed the Nebraska Lottery booth where I got to show that an old lady CAN play Guitar Hero and beat the youngin's once in awhile. I got 2 free scratch off lottery tickets just for playing the way I did! WoooooHOOOOOO We have never really gone alone without small children, and we have to say that evaluating all we did on our drive home, we have one heck of a great time. :)

Hope all of you are doing good.


Missionary Benedictine Sisters said...

My new apartment is screaming for some color. Sure can use them.
Sister Sister

Missionary Benedictine Sisters said...

Karen,have you done the Limey Shadow Dishcloth for Sept yet? That is really unique!