Thursday, February 07, 2008

One Day of Move Under Our Belts

With day one finished in the move, I must say that things went pretty good all in all. To move the three heavies and three of the heavy die drawers (I wasn't emptying those, would have been silly) it took right under six hours. The heavy movers were packed up and gone by 7pm. All they need to do is level the big boys this morning and that isn't going to take them very long. Big Heidi got injured tho, but thankfully that's why movers have insurance. Since she's been through WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War and Desert Storm, she took it pretty well and knew that a welder would have her fixed in no time. She just wants to get back to work! And she loves her new room.
Today another group of movers will take the so called 'lighter' things, and that totals eight pieces. Everyone is busy busy busy, as I should be. So farewell to you all for now - updates to come.


The Family Jewels said...

Wow! It looks like you are really making good progress! Give Heidi a little love on her boo-boo for me...I hope she gets better soon! Lol!

jennsquared said...

Wow. So what are those things that you are moving?

Karen said...

My husband and I own a commercial print shop and are relocating to a better facility. The big guy you see in the photos does embossing, foil stamping and die cutting. We can do a ton of things with this old gal. :)