Monday, February 04, 2008

Manic Monday

After working all weekend, some of it with the help of Shawna, the old bod seems to not be 21 anymore! HA! I have made great progress over at the old shop, while Bill has made leaps and bounds in progress at the new shop. There is still so much to do, AND keep up with production knowing we will be powerless to complete anything during the actual heavy duty move.

I put 3 more notebooks up on Etsy - please check them out. I haven't done any purses lately as it seems to be a winter item and until I can come up with a good summer idea, that will probably hault for now. Still working on getting the bags into retail on the east coast tho. Not giving up on that opportunity! If that comes about, then I'll be back at the bags hard and heavy.

Dear Shawna will be back tomorrow to help move some more, even tho it is her day off at daycare. What a trooper she is. Season works too many jobs the way it is, so I will leave her alone. :) What's up with my daughters anyway? Don't they know what a day OFF means? God bless them both.

Yep, watched the Super Bowl up till after half-time, then I nodded off and missed the rest. Happy I made it through to see Tom Petty though. We really enjoyed his performance!

We have found a great deal on some used desks so I don't have to move the behemoths from here. I'm sure that MADD Dads will appreciate a few extra desks for their operation coming in here. Now all our things will match in every office and with bigger desks, that means I can hide more IN my desk instead of sitting on top of it all the time! HA I will post pix once we get in there and will also post some before photos too, just so you can all see the work and elbow grease that's been put into it all.

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