Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nasty Weather & Feeling Guilty

First off, the weather is just plain crummy outside. It's cold, rainy and windy. Ugh

Second, feeling guilty because Bill told me to stay home today and get caught up on laundry and get a little more caught up in the knitting department. So he was off to work at 7 this morning. Two grandkids spent the night, but 'big fat fwampa' was gone before they rolled out of bed. I would have kept them longer had I known he wanted me to stay home. But plans do change, don't they. :)

My camera is at work. Bill is at work. I shall enjoy my coffee, yarn, and the smell of fabric softener today. Maybe even some L&O-CI????? I'm sure USA has some type of marathon going on.


Donna said...

Don't feel guilty! You've been working every day for two weeks straight. Besides, you have work to do at home! :-) Happy knitting!

Marsha said...

Don't feel guilty as they say 'a woman's work (and knitting) is never done!'