Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still Alive, Working & Kicking AND Knitting!

Yep, it's Saturday morning and we're still working.......... Not all bad, we are making great progress on the unpacking of the biz, but real production needs to get done, too. So here is a view from my desk as I'm working (ok, as I'm taking pictures and NOT working).......... You can't see him, but there is a pressman back there working in that bright lit area.
Some of you may recognize the double-sided tape gun sitting there, on top of a portion of the pocket folders that need to be assembled for Monday morning foiling on Big Heidi. Regular business got way too busy yesterday for me to finish the assembly of these, hence the Saturday work. Not a big deal, tho. You may ask yourself, "Why doesn't she have her staff do these?" Well, I don't because I do them faster than anyone on staff. Not bragging, just truthful, I've done the math. :)
Here sits my computer, tuned into Yahoo! Music Jukebox - ahhhhhh, smooth jazzzzzzzzzz......
Here sits my phone, my list of what I would like to accomplish today, and my most favorite license plate I ever got to have. To be honest, a BMW is not the best winter vehicle, but it was sure fun to own that old girl for awhile! And of course my photo of Tyler in Bill's robe when he was 3 years old and cuter than a bugs ear. Precious.
And here you see my stash of knock-off Jelly Bellies........... shhhhhhh :)
On the knitting front, I started a baby afghan for my neice last night in crochet. I thought it would be a better option to crochet since I'm on a time crunch to get this done. After working on it for an hour and a half, I felt so frustrated with it that it got thrown on the floor to be frogged at a later time. So as usual, at 1 in the morning I woke up and my brain was going wild with ideas, so to the internet I go and into my stash of yarn. (This happens a lot, don't worry) Found the perfect knitted baby blanket pattern (no time to make up my own this time) and absolutely the BEST yarn I could have imagined! Happy I didn't sell it on eBay because it was in line to go. It was a good reminder that babies happen and I still should be prepared for these occassions by keeping my baby yarn stash. So by the time we left for work this morning I think there's a good 5 inches done on the blanket and I'm loving it! It's absolutely going to be perfect and exactly what I want her to have. I will post pix at some point.

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