Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Amazing Day

OK, first of all I can't take a picture of the fantastic early birthday present I got in the mail today because....

a.) computer room is off-limits to me because DH has to fix the light switch and he doesn't want me starting a fire. WHA??? I would NEVER do that! (that's where all MY stuff is at) giggle

b.) laptop that I'm on doesn't have my super software loaded yet for the camera (also in the computer room that I'm banned from) because I had to reload Windows and all the software just to get it rolling again. Yes, again, this week. But much better running now.

SO............. you'll all have to wait until tomorrow! But you're in for a treat. I know I was blessed!

Then I got to have an awesome extended lunch with DD#1 and grandson, got to show off my early present (giggle) and got to hear about her networking on the internet to finally get the exact fabrics SHE needs to get her own creations sewn. It was so good to see her inspired, excited and actually anxious to get going on her designs again. Talk about talent! You know that bag I posted earlier that I wanted? Uh-huh! It may really happen!!

So because I'm banned from my computer/stash/craft/knitting/scrapping/sewing room for the evening, I sat here at the laptop after work and looked at the new Knitty release. And OH MY GOODNESS! Talk about beautiful things. Here's one that may just have to be a summer project for me (while I sit on the dock with the 'guys').... Isn't this rock/ocean scene the best showing off the absolutely GORGEOUS shawl????? I wanna be HER!! :) Oh, well. I maybe can do the shawl part.

And then I found this in the EtsyKnitter group I'm in and could not resist the look on this pups face.

Enjoy the little guy and have a giggle - you know HE is!
It's like 70-ish outside still, and I'm being beckoned by the I-80 hawk and the geese flying around out there to go outside. So many other things I should be doing, but also enjoying God's creations are a top order. :)
Blessings to you all.

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Marsha said...

What...WHAT....I've got to wait to see pictures????????? LOL