Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A New Day

Since yesterday is done, tomorrow hasn't happened yet, let's take a look at what's happening TODAY!

1. Finally getting around to exchanging my beautiful Harmony wood circular needles that are coming apart and getting the Options nickel plated set instead.

2. Brought along 'small stuff' knitting to work today. I have 2 people out sick again today and I'll be captive to the office for the whole day. This flu stuff is getting old, isn't it?

3. It's Wednesday already!

4. Time to get eBay-ing again tonight, getting rid of the mountains of stuff in our home in hopes of downsizing our lives this summer or fall. Ooooo, EBAY!!! Gotta love it.

5. And finally, clearing off my desk that all of the sudden (ha) is starting to look like a tornado hit it. :)

No new projects to show, nothing has been touched this week so far. But this is a new day folks, let's get it rolling!


Marsha said...

I can't believe your needles came apart. I love mine, but I don't have all the sizes in them, and I've some of the nickle plated ones too.
I've been out sick for two days so I agree, sick is no fun, but I'm back at work far, so good.
btw....I added more picks from the book on my blog...wait til you see what else is in the book.

KSee said...

I will ebay, I will ebay. I just can't get my butt in gear. I too have to downsize. Just becaue I have too much