Sunday, March 09, 2008

Orders, Ebay and Just Stuff

OK, so I pretty much messed around yesterday after meeting a client in the morning and then replacing the Mac at work in the afternoon (which didn't take that long). My bottom hit the recliner and boy, it just didn't want to move any more yesterday. So the laptop and my favorite blankie from DD#1 and I were friends the rest of the day.

So today that means I have to kick it up a gear or three.


1. sold a pattern overnight on Etsy

2. got an order for 5 mini-journal covers on Etsy

3. explored the designers on Indiepublic and found incredible talent out there - that was worth sitting on my behind all evening. Check the site out - you will be amazed at the talent in this world.

4. DD#1 found a store locally that handles the designer fabric she's looking for, well, at least the quilter cottons. It's a great start for her! Keep your eye on her Lily Kathryn Designs blog (in my links to the left).

To-Do List for Sunday:

1. finish Australian proto-type (a must do)

2. finish writing up another pattern and getting it listed for sale

3. minimum of 10 things on eBay

4. try and dig a path through the craft room, it's out of control

5. NOT THINK ABOUT THE LOSS OF AN HOUR LAST NIGHT DUE TO DST!!!! Not a fan of the spring forward effect. :)

6. get the silly candied popcorn bag done and listed :)

I think I'll be busy today. giggle

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