Friday, March 14, 2008

Long Day, But Good Stuff

Quick update - photos to follow maybe Sunday :)

1. I won a contest through the EtsyKnitters group - free skein of yarn, handmade right from the UK. I never win ANYTHING! Unreal.
2. Sold 2 patterns on Etsy today - still can't believe that one either.
3. Made plans to have DD#2 spend 24 hours at our house with her kids while her hubby is out of town this weekend. We both need a huge break from stress (business) and this is the perfect diversion.
4. The BIG HUNT is tomorrow at our church. It's huge. Usually attracts about 2,000 little egg hunters and the grandkids love it. So we get to enjoy 3 of the grands tomorrow and watch and photo them 'hunting' for eggs. Yep, we get to enjoy the real #1's in our lives, too. Their lovely moms. The oldest grand is getting into her social life and has a party to attend at the same time her age group hunt happens, so she had to make a decision. She's getting so old. I see her mom in her, and it brings tears of joy to my eyes at her little person dedication to friendships and relationships.
5. Had a bride come in for her invites this afternoon and mentioned that "Lily Kathryn Designs" was becoming a hot topic at her medical clinic where she is a nurse. Yep, LKD is our DD#1. Word is spreading, she is getting her name out there. I hope she is ready for the splash she will make in the world with her bags and diaper bags. As usual, please check out the link to the left to see her beautiful work, with MORE to come!

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