Saturday, March 01, 2008

Check It OUT!

Someone has honored my latest bag by posting it on her blog..... check it out here. I love the title she gave this entry, too!

And check our her Etsy Store - her jewelry items are fantastic. Yep, I bought myself a pair. I don't own a pair of honest to goodness handcrafted earrings. I think these scream SPRING!


KSee said...

I did. Beautiful work. Pretty earrings. I was looking at her necklaces.

Jennifer said...

hee, hee, hee! Karen, where do you think I found your Etsy site and fell in love with my new journal?!?! *cheesy grin* Megan is a good friend of mine! *grin* I'm headed to my bible study tomorrow and can't wait to hear my girlfriend's comments on the journal I purchased from you!

Fondly - Jennifer Casady