Tuesday, March 04, 2008


After a long evening of reflection, thinking, re-evaluating life and priorities (I have to do this once in awhile)..... I still come up missing my parents, even though they have been gone for a long time. One thinks about family and who we have left and what we are doing with those relationships right now. It's very bittersweet. No, I don't have parents or grandparents anymore, BUT I have siblings, all who are quite alive and well. I have children who have blessed my life over and over again. And I have grandchildren........ little ones, innocent ones.

Think about it. Life is short. Some lives are shorter. But we have today to love our families and show them in some way. Don't let one day pass by without a prayer of thanks for who you have been blessed with.


Donna said...

Right on, Seesta!!! How true, how true. Family is a true blessing.

Marsha said...

The one thing we can't choose is our family. Love them for who they are and for the time they are with us.